Duromine 15mg 30mg 40mg capsules online

Duromine is available in capsules of different dosage. The minimum dose of Duromine is 15 mg, maximum – 40 mg. There are also Duromine capsules with a mass of 30 mg. This is done to the man himself could pick such dose of Duromine, which will be the best for him.

It is better to start the reception of Duromine with a minimum dose of 15 mg. If, within a few days appetite will not become lower or lowering will be not enough, the dose of Duromine should be doubled. If and this dose will be not enough, you can go to the reception 40 mg of Duromine per day.

Taking more of this medication will not make it more effective and can cause life-threatening side effects. If a minimal dose of Duromine is enough for you for full effect, then it is not necessary to increase it.

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